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Automakers Are Racing to Keep Up

Richmond Times Dispatch June 24, 2019 FRANKFURT, GermanyIt’s a scary time to be in the car business. The internal combustion engine is under attack from electric challengers. Car ownership is becoming optional in the age of Uber. Regulators around the world are fining companies that don’t do enough to cut carbon dioxide emissions, […]

Fourth Carcinogen Found in Blood-Pressure Pills

Chicago Daily Herald June 24, 2019 An online pharmacy told U.S. regulators it found another cancer-causing chemical in widely prescribed blood-pressure pills, raising new questions about a complex global web of companies that produces medicine for millions of people. A solvent called dimethylformamide was discovered in the drug valsartan made by several […]

Leading Through a Crisis

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Three Steps to the Next Generation of Warehouse Operations

Just-Style July 8, 2019 The next generation of warehouse operations can not only deliver new levels of retail profitability, but can stop margin erosion in its tracks. Craig Summers, UK managing director at Manhattan Associates, looks at steps retailers can take to make their warehouse operations succeed. There is currently a downward pressure on […]

Eye Drops Sold at Walmart, Walgreens Recalled: FDA

Chicago Sun-Times July 8, 2019 Some over-the-counter eye drops and ointments have been recalled over concerns the products may not be sterile. Time to check the medicine cabinet. Select over-the-counter eye drops and ointments sold at Walgreens and Walmart stores as well as some prescription ointments sold at other retailers have been recalled over […]

Here’s Why Expiration Dates Can Be Meaningless; CEO Ate ‘Expired’ Goods as Part of a Yearlong Experiment to Test the Limits of Food Safety

The Toronto Star June 20, 2019 By Daron Taylor Last year, Moms Organic Market founder and CEO Scott Nash did something many are afraid to do: He ate a cup of yogurt months after its expiration date. And then tortillas a year past their expiration date. I ate heavy cream I think 10 weeks […]

Building the Tools of the Next Manufacturing Revolution

States News Service June 19, 2019 By Jonathan Mingle Over a century ago, a visitor to Henry Fords new assembly line in Highland Park, Michigan, could watch workers build automobiles from interchangeable parts, and witness a manufacturing revolution in progress. Today, someone who wants to glimpse the future of manufacturing should make a […]

Trader Joe’s, Green Giant and Signature Farms Vegetables Recalled for Potential Listeria Risk

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Cars Get Safer But Not for People Outside Them; Cyclist, Pedestrian Deaths Increase

USA Today July 3, 2019 By Chris Woodyard Cycling on picturesque Mulholland Highway through bucolic, tree-studded hills, Milt Olin probably never saw the car that killed him. A distracted sheriffs deputy on patrol accidentally slammed his cruiser into Olins bike from behind, sending him crashing into the cars windshield. Olin died at the […]