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Honda Ridgelines Recalled Due to Fire Danger From Car Wash Soap

UPI February 18, 2019 By Ed Adamczyk More than 107,000 Honda Ridgeline pickup trucks are being recalled due to a flaw that can spark fire after exposure to corrosive soap found in car washes. Exposure to acids, such as from car wash soaps, can result in the fuel pump feed port cracking, leading […]

Assess Your Industry 4.0 Maturity

Grand Rapids Business Journal February 18, 2019 By Rick Schreiber Before fretting about whether you need to invest in AI or predictive analytics, elevate the discussion: assess where your business is on the continuum of Industry 4.0 implementation readiness. Do you have the foundational elements in place to start monetizing your data or […]

How to Keep Workers Engaged, Not Vacant

The Economist February 15, 2019 Why companies are keen to survey their workers. How do you rate this sentence? Please give a number between one and five where one is Ive stopped reading already and five is give this columnist a Pulitzer prize. If this rings a bell, you are probably one of the […]

Unpacking Trump’s ‘American AI Initiative’

PCMag.com February 15, 2019 By Rob Marvin On Feb. 11, President Trump signed an executive order establishing the American AI Initiative to guide AI development in the United States. The Trump administration released details about the initiative ahead of the announcement, and outlined five key pillars of the overarching U.S. AI strategy, but […]

IATA Urges U.S. Government, Industry, to Work Together to Grow Aviation’s Benefits

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