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Florida Driver Died Because of Faulty Air Bag, Report Says

Canadian Press January 19, 2018 By Terry Spencer A Florida woman died because a faulty air bag ruptured and fired shrapnel into her head during a crash she should have survived, a report released Wednesday by the states Highway Patrol said. Nichol Barker, 34, of Holiday, Florida, was struck by metal pieces that […]

EpiPen Distributor Advises of Shortage in Canada

thespec.com January 19, 2018 The Canadian distributor of the EpiPen says there is a shortage of one size of the emergency treatment for people at risk of life-threatening allergic reactions. Pfizer Canada says there is a shortage of the 0.3-milligram form of the EpiPen because of a manufacturing disruption. The 0.15-mg EpiPen Jr product […]

IBM and Shipping Giant Maersk Launch Blockchain Company for Global Logistics

ICT Monitor Worldwide January 18, 2018 IBM and Danish transport conglomerate Maersk announced today they are launching a joint venture to redefine the global shipping industry for the blockchain age. The new company, which hasnt yet been named, will focus on simplifying the complex process of moving goods across different trade zones. The company […]

Slow iPhone X and iPhone 8 Demand Will Hurt Apple’s Suppliers, New Report Claims

BGR January 18, 2018 Apples three new iPhones, the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8, arent as hot as expected, a new report says, and Apple is expected to reduce orders to iPhone parts suppliers for the first quarter of the year. The iPhone maker is yet to share any insights about […]

Fujifilm Recalls Power Adapter Wall Plugs Sold with Digital Cameras Due to Shock Hazard

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