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Engineer Your Path to Success

US Black Engineer and Information Technology February 20, 2019 With such a wide variety of employment options and lucrative positions, planning for a career in engineering is a wise choice. Are you looking to be a mechanical, civil, electrical, computer, chemical, aerospace, or nuclear engineer? Consider some expert sources of information to help you plan […]

The 2019 Supply Chain—Orchestrating a Real-Time, Connected Network

Indian Manufacturing News February 20, 2019 Effective supply chain management relies on everyone involved in the supply chain network providing timely, accurate and consistent information to identify issues and streamline the process. If supply chain managers want to transform their supply chains in 2019, they must work to drive information transparency, tracking of goods and […]

Innovation in Recruitment: “Siri, Find Me a Job”

Forbes.com February 19, 2019 By Razvan Creanga Leonardo da Vinci wrote the first CV in the 15th century when he applied for a job to the Duke of Milan. There hasnt been much change in the recruitment industry in the intervening 500-plus years. It seems incredible that a man renowned for his innovative […]

Amazon Expands Air Fleet to Maintain its Own Shipping Standards

Global Data Point February 19, 2019 Two-day shipping has become a standard in the e-commerce world all thanks to Amazon. In order to live up to its standards, the company is now becoming a major player in the logistics and shipping industry, expanding its Amazon Air fleet to include 50 planes and several new regional […]