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Stalls, Fires, Deadly Air Bags and Seat-Back Failures Among Auto Safety Issues This Month

Forbes.com September 19, 2017 In the first two weeks of September auto safety danger includes stalls, fires, deadly air bags and seat-back failures, according to reports filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Car fires, seat backs that may break, air bags that could shoot metal shards into the occupant compartment and […]

Why Facebook’s AI Glitch Is Scary for Companies

Shanghai Daily September 19, 2017 The recent news that Facebook temporarily suspended its artificial intelligence (AI) program when the bots within this program started chatting to each other in a strange language only they understood, has reignited the debate on the potential dangers of AI. Several media outlets have jumped on this news with predictions […]

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You—Guidance for Risk Analyses Under the HIPAA Security Rule

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting the Service Industry

Yourstory.in September 18, 2017 Every single day, millions of dollars are being spent in call centers simply to answer repeated questions, thousands of times over and over again. Let us see how artificial intelligence (AI) is going to affect IT service management. In this age of AI, managers at all levels need to accept […]

Ford’s Push for Driverless Vehicle Safety Includes a Man Pretending to Be a Car Seat

therecord.com September 18, 2017 Andy Schaudt is an invisible man. He is wearing a seat suit to make it look like his Ford Transit Connect van is driving itself. His bespectacled face is obscured by a fake headrest hood. His torso is tucked behind custom-sewn upholstery armor, like the pads protecting a Yankees […]