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We feel we owe it to our membership to identify ourselves so when you attend our events you’ll know who we are. We are all member volunteers committed to serving our members. We’re here to answer questions, supply information or talk with you about volunteering.

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Michelle Potvin

Chair & Internet Liaison

QA/RA Director, Swan Valley Medical, ASQ Member since 2003.

Michele Wolf

Immediate Past Chair

QA Specialist, US Geological Survey, ASQ Member since 2009.

Lisa McCorkle

Membership Chair

Director of Quality Assurance, Lawrence Tool & Molding, ASQ Member since 2013.

John Fuschino


Metrologist, Sundyne Corp., ASQ Member since 2003.

Kelly Beasley

Vice Chair

Compliance Officer, Cardinal Health,
ASQ Member since 2010.

Christine Kurowski


ASQ Member.

Brendan Bartolo

Program Chair & Student Branch Counselor

Quality Control Manager, Dynalectric Colorado, ASQ Member since 2016.

Daidre Hunter

Programs Co-Chair

QA Manager, Quest Diagnostics, ASQ Member since 2009.

Rob Horton

Nominations Chair

GPS OCX Reliability Maintainability Availability (RMA) Lead, Raytheon Company, ASQ Member since 2014.

Linda Henderson

Newsletter Editor

ASQ Member.

Mike Heaney

VOC Chair

ASQ Member.

Clint Edgar

VOC Co-Chair

ASQ Member.