Brewery Tour Explores the Quality Process

For our August Membership Meeting, ASQ Denver Section members gathered at Breckenridge Brewery for a special tour that focused specifically on the quality control activities in the brewery. The tour was guided in part by Antonio, the brewery’s quality control lab technician, who was able to answer our questions in detail.

The event was held in the Tasting Room, a cozy dining space with a small bar area and a patio. The evening started with networking and conversation over appetizers and beverages before the tour.

The tour followed the beer ingredients through the brewing process. Many parts of the brewery were designed to make the process visible during the tour. The Control Room has large windows and the brewing vats have glass viewing portals to see ingredients and equipment inside. When the group passed through the Fermenting Room, we were able to see the lab and equipment. The tour concluded in the packaging area.

Antonio was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable host. It was a treat to hear answers for specific questions, like “How do you count your yeast?” Discussion touched on topics such as monitoring yeast viability, microbes that can harm the product’s flavor, the various methods used to test the product and the stages in the process where they occur.

The tour was followed by dinner in the Tasting Room. The food was almost as good as the company and conversation. The group retired to the outdoor patio after dinner to relax and enjoy the evening.